How Do You Make Edible Salt?


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To make edible salt there are two main methods are Solution mining and Solar salt production.  The former is the most commonly used procedure whereby both industrial and edible salt is produced in Northern Europe. In is achieved by pumping water into the underground salt deposits, after which saturated brine is produced and then it is pumped back to the surface.

The solar salt production method is used in hot countries. In this process salt is made by allowing heat from the sun to evaporate sea water in shallow pools or pans. This is not possible in colder countries.

Another process of obtaining salt is Rock Salt mining which is an underground process. It entails drilling, blasting, and crushing the rock to dig out the salt. By this method the salt is physically dug out and the salt obtained from this method is used to maintain roads during the winter.
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You have to put it through a chemical chamber and take the toxins off of it , if you eat raw salt the natural form it can KILL you !
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Haha yeah you just buy it
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What is that kind of salt that is bland. Or unsalty?
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I think it the "salitre" ... The one you add sa tocino. "kosher salt" also is less salty.

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