When Did Chemistry Begin? How?


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Chemistry is defined as the branch of science that deals with the identification of substances. It is the science of matter, and aims to determine this matter by investigating its properties and the interactions they have with their surroundings. It tests this by putting them in new surroundings or combining them with other chemicals and elements to generate reactions. The reactions can lead to new substances, or the breaking of the original, and all the reactions are checked against the scientific laws that currently exist to determine what is what.

The Ancient Egyptians used Chemistry in 4000BC, in a synthetic "wet" form, which is expectantly primitive in terms of the science now. By 1200BC the Mesopotamians were making perfume, but by 1000BC it became far more important. It allowed the extraction of metal from their ores in the rocks, it allowed the fermentation of beer, and it allowed the creation of medicines.

From 300AD came the rise of Alchemy; a sub-branch of Chemistry of which the pursuit was to create the Philosopher's Stone; a fantasy idea that this stone could turn any base metal into gold and would also create an elixir that granted eternal life. In the pursuit of this, many alchemists almost accidentally became the fathers of chemistry; their research into the properties of materials and elements was a process of trial and error to discover the most desirable matter.

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