When Did The Universe Begin?


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The Universe began approximately 15 billion years ago according to cosmologists and scientists. Whichever way you look at it, it was an unimaginably long time ago.

It is generally accepted that the Universe began with the Big Bang, a split second of creation when everything including time exploded. Since then the Universe has been a slowly expanding mass of matter, energy, space and time.

What existed before the Universe has been a question that has taxed the best human brains for centuries. Before the Big Bang, it's thought that there was literally nothing, no space, no time, no light. This state has been termed as chaos, a vague catch all designation that will do until something better comes along.

Some dispute this assertion and claim that something had to exist before the Universe. What this something else is wide open for debate. Some scientists are now coming to the conclusion that before the Universe existed there was only God. Others contend that the question is still unanswerable. Yet others argue that our Universe is part of inter-connecting grid of Universes, the so-called Multiverse. Our Universe now occupies a space that was once the border between Universes.
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Scientists have argued this for centuries. At the moment, most people agree that the universe began between 12 and 15 billion years ago. It all started with a mind boggling explosion called the big bang.
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The universe consists of the smallest sub-atomic particles to the largest system of stars. How it appeared? It is God's creation--- a creating of something out of nothing. When did it begin? Only the Creator, who is spirit and eternal knows.

Why do people pretend to know it all? How can anyone explain the universe without God in the picture?
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JONG CREATED ALL .... With gong

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