What Is Stronger, Hydrogen Bond Or Covalent Bond?


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The hydrogen bond is called abond but is really a strong intermolecular forces or attractions, it being the strongest of this type of inter molecular attraction or "bond".    Covalent bonds are the strongest in the general list of "real or accepted bond terminology", in a covalent bond the intra molelecular sharing of an electron between two participating nuclei of roughly the same electronegativity.    What experimental methods is the author Mathfriend eluding to...if a test or experiment is assumed, then the experiment should be defined as well.
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In your reference Mathfriend your answer about using a calorimeter is correct when measuring hydrogen bonds, and the experiment is tedious so explain it; there is nothing said about covalent bonds in this reference. You must have an organic reaction occur and KNOW what bonds are being broken and formed, subtract one enthalpy from the other and yes you can get a covalent bond energy, just do not say calorimeter and reference a an experiment solely on hydrogen bonding. Sorry, not good enough.
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The Hydorgen bond is the weakest of all bonds, the covalent bond is the strongest of the two bonds, as is verified by experimental methods.

A bomb calorimeter is an instrument used to determine the enthalpy of formation to determine the energy required to form a hydrogen bond or a covalent bond. Please refer to the URL for a brief explanation of the enthalpy of formation of a hydrogen and a covalent bond.

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