Can You Explain The Meaning Of Research Design?


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It is a systematic plan of what is to be done, how it will be done and how the data will be analyzed. Research design basically shows what the major topics in the research are and their details. It provides an outline of how the research will be carried out and the methods that will be used. It includes an abstract of the research study, descriptors of the research design, dependent and independent variables, the assumptions and limitations of the research, research question hierarchy, sampling design and a format for the dummy data showing how data will be presented.
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There are many purposes that research design serve main are as follows:
Defines elaborate and explain the research topic.
Make clear the area of research to other.
Provide limits and boundaries to a research.
Give the whole scenario of the research.
Tell the modes and consequences.
Ensuring of time and resources is done.
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Research design is what makes the whole research project work - without it, you just have a lot of material but no way of using it properly or putting it together. If you click here you will find a clear explanation of the significane of research design, as well as  links to an introduction to the various methods and how to apply them.
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Research design means what is the type of study you are going to do whether it is qualitative research or quantitative research further in quantitative one experimental,correlative study.survey based,longitudinal study,cohurt one there r many types for complete information you have to study certain research books like domehault,hicks etc.
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Research design is the plan on how the researcher intends to carry out his research work
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Research topic should be cleared
it should be specific
area of the research should be specific
research topic should have the limitations or boundaries
literature of review should be done'
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The features of good research design are as follows

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