What Is The World's Most Abundant Compound?


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Water is the most abundant compound
FARAN NASIR answered
Water is the most abundant of all the compounds on earth. It is vital for life on earth. It plays an important role in industry, at home, and in the laboratory. Human body contains 65% to 75% by weight of water and many fruits and vegetables contains an excess of water. Tomato has 95% of water, lettuce has 96%, mushroom has 92%, milk has 87%, orange has 86%, apple has 84%, fish has 92%, potato has 76%, egg has 75% and beef has 64% water. It has been estimated that the total amount of water present on earth is about 1.33 billion cubic kilometres which covers nearly 71% of the earth's surface.
The oceans contain more than 97% of world's water. The rest of the water is in the form of glaciers, ice caps, ground water and inland water. Besides, the atmosphere also contains considerable quantity of water in the form of water. Sea water contains a large number of dissolved salts. The salty taste of sea water is mainly due to sodium chloride which is present up to 3 or 4 percent along with other salts. High salt concentrations make the ocean water unfit for human use.

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