What Is The Importance Of Being Happy In Life?


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It is not only a part but a very important part of life. Happiness comes with all the little and big things you do and the things that satisfy you. At times these things are important for you and at times they are important for those who mean a lot to you. Life is like a turning and twisting paths, it has various forms and colors. One can not have happiness or can not be happy in his entire life, if he does something against his will. Life is about the struggle, hardship and days ones spends without knowing that he'll survive or no.

But still he is happy, and thankful to god for all that he has, may be little but the contentment in ones self is the real happiness in life. There are people who have everything and yet they are not happy. They have money, all the luxuries in life but they do not have peace of mind. Such people can never be happy. Happy are those who have nothing and yet everything. This is the true magic of life and happiness plays an important role.
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In order to live a life full of satisfaction and content, one has to and ought to be happy. If he is not happy and cheerful with the manner he is leading his life, in no time he will be bored from this life and in extreme cases may even want to put a halt to this "terrible" life of his! SUICIDE! Keep smiling and be happy all the time! You will be mentally and physically fit too!
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Thinking positive.

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