How Does Binary Fission Occur In Bacteria ?


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Asexual means without sex and this method does not involve the fusion of gametes in most cases. There are many different forms of asexual reproduction employed by different kinds of organisms including plants. Let me explain it with the help of some examples.

Binary fission in bacteria: it is type of asexual reproduction in which one unicellular organism divides into two by simple division. Bacteria belonging to monera exhibit binary fission. Under favorable conditions one bacterium would divide into two bacteria after about every 20 minutes. They have a single circular chromosome made of DNA. Binary fission will be completed in the following manner.

When the DNA molecule replicates, it results in the formation of two chromosomes. Then these two chromosomes move towards the opposite sides. And the middle or central portion of the cell membrane invaginate inward from the two sides and when it meets in the centre, it separates the two halves of the bacterial cell. After all these steps a new cell wall is deposited between two cross cell membranes. Now the daughter bacteria grow to their normal size, and then separate from one another. Budding in yeast and spore formation in rhizopus are also examples of asexual reproduction.

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