How Multiple Fission Takes Place In Protozoans?


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In multiple fission the nucleus divides repeatedly either by mitosis or by fragmentation and the individual becomes a multi nucleated form. These migrate towards the periphery and are surrounded by the fragments of cytoplasm. The number of off springs thus produce is highly variable and some times reaches up to thousands. These fall a part by the repute of parent body and the ruminants of the parent cells this integrate later on.
The multiple fission occurs at different phases of life cycle and in different individual and the products are named accordingly:

Shchizogony of agamogony: It is used when multiple fission occurs in an asexual cycle and the resulting individuals the schizogonts develop directly into the adults e.g., plasmodium.
Gamogony: When multiple fission produces sex cells it is termed as gamogony and the products as gametes e.g., monocystis.Sporogony: The multiple fission following the fission of sex cells is known as sporogony and the off springs usually as spores.

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