How Binary Fission Occurs In The Organisms Belong To Phylum Protozoa?


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Binary fission occurs when the organisms in phylum protozoa divide into two after attaining a certain size
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Binary fission is the division of the parent body into two approximately equal to daughter individuals. The nucleus divides first and is followed by the d division of the cytoplasm. The extra nuclear or the cytoplasmic structures either divided giving rise two daughter organelle or are retained by one of the daughter individuals and the other regenerate them or these are partially retained by both daughter individuals are the remaining parts are regenerated while in certain cases the structures are completely absorb and are reformed again in both the daughter individuals. The plain of the division of cytoplasm or some is different in different group and depending upon this the binary fission is one of the following types:

Simple binary fission as in Amoeba the plane of the division cannot be recognized and there is nothing of cytological interest.Longitudinal binary fission in Euglena the plane of constriction is along the long axis of the animal.Transverse binary fission in Paramecium the body constricts transversely.Repeated binary fission in Chlaymydomonas the products of first binary fission fail to separate and undergo repeated binary fission giving rise four or more individuals.

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