What Are The Physical And Cultural Factors Responsible For Development Of Tourism Industry?


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what are the physical & cultural factors responsible for a tourism industry?

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Tourists are people with different tastes and different risk levels and these two profile characteristics determine what people will travel to enjoy. Perhaps the best/ideal place to visit is JAMAICA..and maybe you might say I'm a little biased, because I am Jamaican, but here me out. Please note that I have used Countries to try and define personality types. If you like the beach and friendly warm people and still want to take the United States with you you can still watch cable which is predominantly American..Oprah/Basketball etc. If you are Canadian/ British/German European type then stumble though a rural setting there as well..if you like the adventure of the mountain ride and inquisitive to know the people and the folk culture then you can get your bicycle and take to the hills and when your bicycle punctures some kind farmer will make up and wood fire and will probably feel badly if you don't join him with some lunch..then for the Japanese/Asian type its the Urban Centers..not just in Kingston where reggae and it's many hall...reggae rock ..even World Beat fill the minds on the streets in the Bars..and the Studios..Allow me to go on...The Festivals which climax in June..July..August where the "stages" all over the island are blessed with From the traditional to the what God inspired mummy to make today and the Best of Jamaica Festival Dance, Drama, Miss Jamaica Festival Queen of beauty and Talent.. Song.. Photography Fine Art.. Ect.. Ect...then come October the emphasis is on what the old folks did to make Jamaica great and believe me NEW information is being dug up by the minute as the mystery of the Lord wake the spirit of life into the ears of the old and not so young..the December is party party party for friends and family and in Jamaica the party is only hot if people come who were not invited as usually invitations are open and the food,,curry goat..mannish water etc. Ect.. Some places..and Hotels ram and House cram for the New Years Parties,,then the old churches and if you are lucky the "peaceful holiness of a church the Glory of the Holy Ghost. Need I say more..we have the Physical and Cultural factors that can make a Tourism Industry grow ,,in a great One Love experience. By the way why not come make a film here the scenery is great and in "How Stella Got Her groove back"...Whoopee Goulburn said God is Here...need I say more....

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