What Is The Importance Of Tourism Industry?


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Tourism is important to the world because of the amount of income it brings into countries and it promotes interconnectedness throughout the world.  It provides people visiting the country of their choice with the services while they are there in exchange for the visitors boosting the country's economy. It helps provide jobs to the residents of the country that are being visited not only in the tourism and service industry, but also in the manufacturing industry as many people leave their vacation destination with souvenirs in hand.
Tourists tend to have disposable income that they spend in the country they are visiting. They also, on the whole, have more leisure time with which they use on numerous, shorter vacations throughout the year. Most tourists are well educated with sophisticated tastes which have resulted in the demand for better service and products. Many tourists also travel with their families, resulting in the need for more family-oriented vacation spots as well as niche destinations for other demographics, such as water sports vacations and spa resorts.
Even with the natural disasters that have plagued the world recently and the tragedy of 9/11, people are still traveling all over the world to see the sights and experience what other countries have to offer. Sustainable tourism and ecotourism have become popular with tourists who are attempting to reduce their own carbon footprint and leave the world a better place for future generations. Tourists interested in helping poor countries have become involved in pro-poor tourism where they visit these countries and work towards bettering the lives of the people they meet there while on vacation. Educational tourism has become popular with many colleges and universities who plan trips overseas to a foreign country and award their students with credit hours for participating in the planned tours. 
All of these forms of tourism allow the country that is being visited to benefit in some way, whether it is economically or socially.
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Tourism industry is the backbone of any country's economic position.
It provides foreign exchange earning to the destination country.
It generates new employment avenues to the native of the country.
It raises the living conditions of the citizens of the country.
It will be helpful in raising the GDP of the country.
Self employment gives a new boost to the country.
Infrastructure development is another advantage of tourism industry.
Cultural exchange is also possible only through tourism.
Preservation of our heritage is the key issue of tourism.
Conservation of flora and fauna is an important feature of tourism industry.
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- Perhaps the most important reason is the phenomenon of the multiplier effect, which is: How many times money spent by a tourist circulates through the economy of the country.
An example for the above could be as follows:
A tourist spends his money in the hotel by dry-cleaning his cloths, eating in the restaurant … etc. This money spent will increase revenues of the dry-cleaner and the restaurant owner, both will spend more on their supplies for their shop and for personal needs, which means that other businesses are going to benefit due to their increased profits by the tourist …and so on.

- The development of the county's infrastructure; as it is so important to attract visitors and to provide them with a memorable visit that will lead to a positive word of mouth and a chance of re-visiting the country again.
This also could be thought of from an employment angle, as the infrastructure needs buildings, services, and transportation means and ways, all which means increase in the number of jobs for the locals.

- Another important factor for the importance of tourism is attracting foreign investors to invest in the country by showing them high potentials and an acceptable infrastructure to their businesses, all of the above which will lead to the increase of country's GDP which means the development of the country as a whole.
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Tourism raises the standard of living.
It creates domestic employment.
Promotes craftmanship.
Provides foreign currency.
In the long-run it leads to a lot of infrastructural development.
Helps to raise GDP
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-Tourism contributes a lot of foreign exchange to the country.
-Provides jobs directly in the Tourism Industry and indirectly in supporting Industries like agriculture.
-Leads to the development of facilities like road, airport...
-Opens the country to the outside world.
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Also, tourism have influence on tourist's religious viewpoint . Seeing place which is some religious root , surely strengthens pilgrims faith.
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Importance of tourism industry
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Tourism has become one of the world's major industries both developing and highly developed nations are now taking closer look
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Tourism provides employment to the citizens.
Furthermore,It raises the living standard of the people.
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Tourism can bring money to its country and specially the people near the tourist spot. It is a great way to show the world on how beautiful a certain place is.Plus there are 2.1 million people who work in the tourism industry that is an estimate of about 7% of the world population.

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Tourism industry is one of the most flourishing industries in the present era. The benefits of the tourism industry are:
-It helps boost employment opportunities.
-Keeps the economy going because consumers tend to spend more when they are on a tour.
-Helps to increase the foreign exchange reserves of a country.
-It helps the intermingling of cultures and creates a better understanding among people of different regions.
-It helps other industries to grow together like the aviation industry, transportation and the like.
Some countries are running their economies entirely on tourism. Like that of Switzerland and Singapore.
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Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing  industry in the world .Its work  with lots of  industries like accommodation,food,entertainment, Transportation and so many more .This is the reason the economy of the country is growing so large and fast just because the contribution of a Tourism industry.

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