What Are The Contribution Of William Padolina?


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William Padolina is a scientist from the Philippines. He is known for a great number of contributions to the world of science, and works in the branch of biology. He also filled the post of Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines, and helped to spread the availability of the internet, due to his belief that it would help improve the efficiency and the wealth of knowledge amongst the Filipinos. William Padolina has won a number of awards for his work and contributions to science, including the 1985 TOYM Award for Science and Technology, and the 1989 PANTAS Award in Research Management.

William Padolina is regarded as one of the most influential Filipinos of modern times due to his aggressive endorsement of the internet. Padolina has worked with the government of the Philippines and with the private sector in attempts to make the internet easier to use and more accessible to all Filipinos. William Padolina acknowledges the power of the internet in terms of its capability to provide knowledge, and seems to feel that the people of the Philippines do not have access to, or are not making adequate use of, the internet. He feels that, if the power of the internet was harnessed in the Philippines, the students would be of a higher quality and the goods and services provided in the Philippines would be more competitive on the global market. As early as 1996 at the International Conference on the Development of Information Infrastructure, Padolina was expressing fears that the Philippines was falling behind in the global race for money and power, and that the only way for the Philippines to re-enter the competition was through powerful endorsement and intelligent use of the Internet.

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