What Are The Contributions Of Jose Juliano?


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Having enabled us to have a better understand of nuclear science Jose Juliano was one of the best discoverers when it came to finding out about certain chemicals and substances that we didn't understand or have much knowledge on.

• Rapid and Non-destructive Analysis of Sulfur and Calcium

This is a study which enabled up to see what was going to work and what wasn't going to work when it comes to nuclear science. It is the understandings such as these which have enabled us to develop nuclear science and ensure that we can use it correctly and as safely as possible without there being any problems. Jose Juliano was the first person who knew that we had to make sure we understood as much as possible to ensure that we could get the most out of the products that we were using for the nuclear science that we were doing.

•  Radio Activation and Photo Neutron Counting and Disintegration of Iron

It was the advanced studies and discoveries such as these which were very technical and unheard of at the time. We knew about the different substances and what we had to do to ensure that we could use nuclear science, but we did not know as much as we do now and what Jose Juliano enabled us to have a better idea of.

With all of the different sciences that we use and understand today we need to ensure that we know how to use the materials and products carefully and correctly. Jose has enables us to develop nuclear science even more that we could have imagined and we would not be as advanced as we are now without the contribution that he has made.

Without his work we would still be battling to have the perfect understanding of radio activity and we would be much less developed with regards to nuclear science and what it can do for us.
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Contributions of jose juliano

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