10 Filipino Chemist And Their Contribution?


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There are a number of Filipino chemists that are famous for their contribution towards science. Ten of these chemists are John Paul Vergara, Anacleto del Rosario, Maria Orosa, Baldomero Oliveria, Amando Kapauan, Fabian Dayrit, Ma. Assunta Cuyegkeng, Julian Banzon, Paulo Campos and Ramon Barba.

• John Paul Vergara - a renowned professor and scientist who has received a number of awards including Scholarly Performance in Graduate Study.
• Anacleto del Rosario - a leading chemist in the Phillipines best known for making a pure form of alcohol from a nipa palm and for extracting castor oil.
• Maria Orosa - a chemist and food technologist, Orosa experimented with food and discovered the Soyalac, a 'magic' food that helped save the lives of thousands of prisoners of war.
• Baldomero Oliveria - most famous for his discovery of the cone snail toxins. This was a very important discovery for neuroscience and it led to the breakthrough discovery of ions. He was also the first to discover E-coli.
• Amando Kapauan - one of the first to study the problem of mercury in the environment and designed equipment to analyze its presence in soil and water.
• Fabian Dayrit - the current president of the Integrated Chemists of the Philippines.
• Ma. Assunta Cuyegkeng - a member of several editorial boards of chemistry journals, Cuyegkeng is a multi-awarded teacher with an outstanding reputation.
• Julian Banzon - researched methods of producing alternative fuels and experimented with the production of ethyl esters from sugarcane and coconut.
• Paulo Campos - a specialist in nuclear medicine who has written over 75 scientific papers.
• Ramon Barba - best known for his advancements with crop flowering promotion, particularly his experiments in mango farming.

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Julian Banzon
-experimented with the production of ethyl ester fuels from sugarcane and coconut and invented a means of extracting residual coconut oil by a chemical process rather than a physical process. A pioneer for alternative fuels rom the 1930's and 40's.

Francisco Quisumbing -invented Quink ink (currently used in Parker Pens) which is a quick drying ink that prevents the ink from clogging the pen.

Ramon Barba
-created crop flowering techniques using a potassium nitrate spray. Due to his discoveries in tropical tree physiology, the Philippines is the leading exporter of mangoes and mango products.

Francisco Santos
-studied the nutritive values and chemical composition of local foods from the Philippines. His data was used to help detect and solve problems with Filipino diets.

Rolando De La Cruz inventor of an anti cancer skin-cream.

Anacleto Del Rosario
-Winner of first prize at the World Fair in Paris in 1881 for for producing a pure alcohol from tuba of a nipa palm. His research also led to the process of extractingcastor oil from a native plant called palma christi.

Alfredo Santos -isolation and elucidation of biochemicals (the phaeantharine and other alkaloids) from Philippine medical plants.

Eduardo San Juan -worked on the team that invented and launched the Lunar Rover (Moon Bugg)

Daniel Dingel -possible invention of a water-powered car

Benjamin Almeda -designed a cutting edge food-processing machine
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10 filipino chemist
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10 filipino chemist with their contributions
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Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza

She was recognized because of her continuous basic studies in plant biochemistry particularly, one the biochemical basis of the makapuno phenotype of coconut; on the factors affecting the nutritional worth and suitability of cowpea, mungbean and numerous under utilized Philippine indigenous legumes, cassava and sweet potato; and on the biochemical source of resistance of preferred plants to pest or illness. Dr. Evelyn Mae Mendoza was born on August 7, 1947.
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