What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Database?


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As we begin to rely more on cloud computing, many businesses are evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of online databases. The benefits include how more than one person can access the information needed to do their job simultaneously, and this eliminates the need for offline databases which can be harder to access. In addition, many of the applications used to create online databases are feature rich, allowing users to search for certain entries and manipulate the information in different ways to get the desired results. Finally, it’s another benefit that most online databases can be accessed remotely. With many people relying on the cloud commute as a source of income and working from home, it’s wonderful that online databases mean that everyone from Australia to Zambia and in between can benefit from the Internet.

There are some disadvantages however, and these mainly relate to security. Many cloud computing companies are beginning to introduce heavier forms of authentication, after research conducted for a summit revealed that many people use mobile phones to access online databases. Now: If an employee loses their handset while logged into a database with sensitive financial data and other information, what would happen if this fell into the wrong hands?

The other drawback is the fear of data loss. This is why many managed hosting companies, who provide the infrastructure for online databases to be stored, have a primary and a secondary data centre. Although the online databases will be accessed from the primary location, if there was a power failure or data loss here then the secondary data centre 100 miles away could minimize disruption  allowing for reliability.
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• Risk of unauthorized access i.e. Hacking  • High cost of subscription  • It is internet dependent, without an internet connection, it is not possible to access internet database
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* less effort and time
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web-based-database can hold unlimited data and is totally flexible in nature.

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I think the Internet, all sorts of applications where you can communicate is a great way to interact with the world. On the downside, any system at any time can be attacked by hackers, and all your data can end up in the hands of intruders. I've read about ways to get hacked and ways to prevent them. You can read it too by click here. I hope you found it interesting.

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