Where Did Eskimos Come From?


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The Eskimos are just one more kind of North American Indian. They look Mongolian, but no more so than some other native peoples of North and South America. Like the rest of the Indians, the Eskimos came from Asia it is believed that the first Eskimos came to North America by way of the Bering Strait and Alaska 2,000 to 3.000 years ago.
Some then moved along the western coast of Alaska and then along the southern coast as far as the place where the city of Anchorage now is. Others moved out upon the Aleutian Islands. But most of them moved east along the northern coasts of Alaska and Canada.
The first known meeting of Eskimos and Europeans was around the year A.D. 1000, when the Norse discoverers of America saw Eskimos, probably in Labrador or Newfoundland. The Eskimos later met the Norsemen in Greenland.
During the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, there was a great deal of intermarriage between the Europeans and the Eskimos in Greenland. Many of the Eskimos there today are now practically European in appearance.
As a matter of fact, it is important to realize that Eskimos differ among themselves almost as much as Europeans do. Some of them look like blond Scandinavians or Germans. Others look like dark southern Italians.
The reason Eskimos live in the north is probably that they are a hunting people and their country is one of the best for hunting in all of North America.
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Lol. You actually dare degrading our Icelandic history? It wasn't the norse that found canada(vinland) and greenland(grænland) it was the icelanders that found it first. Eyríkur rauðI was an norse/Icelander that was kicked out of iceland for killing and found greenland. Leifur his son was borned on iceland and found vinland.
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Eyríkur rauði was a Norwegian and a Norseman, he was born in norway, most people living on Iceland came from norway at the time, just because i move to France for example, doesnt make me french, my Genes doesnt suddenly decide to change Nationality. So Icelanders at the time were very much Norse, and a lot of them moved back to Norway after the Black Death made room for more people.
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