How Is Society Affected By Scientific And Technological Advances?


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The development of science and technology has affected the ways that we live our lives. The developments in communication technology have brought together various parts of the world and increased the sharing of information. It has helped make the production more efficient, increased our knowledge about the living organisms, planet and the galaxies. Means of transportation have been revolutionized. It has helped increase the life span by developing new and effective drugs. Technology has made our lives easier as it has led to the development of household appliances that aid us. Development of computers has shown us new ways of research and development. Now technology is an integral part of our lives. It also had negative effects as well as it is behind the development of nuclear weapons that take the lives of people, increase in pollution that is destroying the habitats and endangering wildlife and an over dependence on technology. Our lives will be disrupted without it and the society is over reliant on technology.

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