What Are The Causes Of Loss Of Biodiversity And The Measures That Could Be Taken To Prevent It?


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Biodiversity is an important dimension of the environment that is suffering several perils from various practices taking place in the contemporary arena in the face of modernization and technology. The interference of the weapons of mass destruction was not only proving to be a disaster for human health but was also ruining biodiversity. Global warming and the damage done to the ozone layer were also few of the causes of loss of biodiversity. Other reasons for loss of biodiversity are inclusive of the introduction of pesticides and insecticides and deforestation. Even the discharge of effluent and sewage into bodies of water became the cause of soil erosion, which in turn, contributed to the destruction of biodiversity. As for the measures for preserving biodiversity, campaigns could be held to generate awareness amongst the public about environmental issues. In addition to that, cooperation between governments and non-governmental organizations, integrated crop management and preservation of biodiversity through indigenous methods could be suitable strategies to prevent the menace that is destroying biodiversity.
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There are a number of activities through which biodiversity is being lost like:
1.      Destruction of the natural places like jungles, which results in the destruction of the animal's habitat.
2.      The commercialization of some businesses like fishing has also resulted in the extinction of biodiversity.
3.      Extensive pollution in air because of cars, and factories wastage
4.      Poor sewage system
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If your talking about now-a-days by far the biggest cause of loss of biodiversity is destruction of habitat. Global warming has had some affects, and will soon probably be the biggest cause, but at the moment human destruction of habitat is. Pollution is probably the main cause of loss of biodiversity in aquatic environments since these are more susceptible to change.
As long as humans don't have any influence, both competition and mutation are natural occurences in ecosystems. Competition will naturally affect biodiversity in some ecosytems, but in the long term it will balance out. Mutation, as long as there are no outside influences such as radioactive chemicals or virus outbreaks will not affect biodiversity in a natural ecosystem.
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The leading cause of loss of biodiversity is attributed to climate change. Apart from that the habitat destruction can accelerate the rate of biodivesity loss. Causes like mutaion will take some time to show the effects. But biodiversity is mainly affected by climate change and pollution.
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This is because people living in neighbourhood are encroching into the forest and poching the animals , development and introduciton of industries and houses .
We are cutting trees which is leading to desertification .
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Habitat loss and fragmentation
over exploitation
Alien species invasion
co- extinctions
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Global Cooling to the level of Ice Ages.  I know of no other single factor which has caused as high die off levels as past ice ages, other than possibly the theoretical K10 meteorite which is believed to have killed off the dinosaurs.

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