What Were The Measures That Were Taken To Prevent Water-logging And Salinity In Pakistan?


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In countries which depend heavily on agriculture, the menace of water-logging and salinity is of immense concern. These threats have made vast expanses of land totally unsuitable for cultivation. On an estimate, in Pakistan about 3.5 million hectares of land that was suitable for agriculture was made useless by the problems of water-logging and salinity. However in 1959, a plan was formulated to get rid of the acute problems, which was called SCARP (Salinity Control And Reclamation Project). The Water and Power Development Authority was given the responsibility of the plan carriage. According to this plan, tubewells and surface drains were used to decrease the level of water (getting ride of water-logging) in the fields and also flushing out the salt from the soil. The implementation of this plan saw partial success in some lands nevertheless still some areas in Sindh and Punjab are unsuitable for cultivation due to the problems of water-logging and salinity.

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