What Did Felix Maramba Discovered?


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Felix Maramba is the scientist who created a coconut oil-fueled power generator and is also credited with developing one of the world's most profitable biogas systems.

In many countries throughout the world, coconut oil is the primary source of fat for people, by creating a power generator using this as the source of energy Maramba has made an incredible breakthrough by providing energy from a readily available resource.

Using coconut oil to provide an energy resource allows people to make maximum use of a readily available resource and allows the coconut oil to be reused or recycled after being used for cooking purposes. Being able to provide a cheap and efficient readily available source of energy has made a tremendous difference to the lives of many people.

Being able to provide heat to a house makes a massive difference to family life, having a warm home to bring up children makes a great difference to the well being of parents. Providing children with a home, safe from the elements, allows parents to concentrate their energies and finances. Maramba's study in various fields helped lead him towards the coconut oil fueled generator amid his wider studies which have all been ecologically based.

As well as being a cheap and readily available source of energy, it is also very environmentally friendly which has been an important factor in all of his work. Thanks to the creation of the generator the life's of millions of people have been improved which has allowed them to channel their times and energies towards other matters. Taking an ethical and environmental approach to his study and work was always important to Maramba.
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He built a coconut oil-fueled power generator.He is also the developer of one of the world's most profitable bio gas systems.

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