What Are The Name Of Filipino And Foreign Scientist?


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There are literally hundreds of Filipino scientists and thousands of foreign scientists. To start you off I have given you a few Filipino scientists and a few foreign scientists, all of these have contributed to the field of science. However, if you go onto a search engine online you will find so much more information on this subject.

• Felix Maramba is a Filipino who is famous for building a coconut oil-fueled power generator and developed one of the largest biogas company. He also wrote: Biogas and Waste Recycling & The Philippine Experience.

• Rolando de la Cruz also a Filipino who is famous for inventing an anti-cancer skin cream made from cashew nuts and herbs from the Philippines. The cream removes deeply grown moles and leaves no marks and has no side affects.

• Benjamin Almeda, a Filipino who is famous for designing several food processing machines, rice grinders and coconut grinders.
He also founded "The Almedah food Machinery Corporation".

Her are just some of many foreign scientists;

• Alexander Graham Bell was Scottish born and was famous for inventing the telephone.
• Archimedes was a famous Greek mathematician and physicist who made many important theorems and discoveries well known all across the world. He is still considered the greatest mathematician of all time.
• Nikola Tesla born in Slovenia in 1856 and was a physics, inventor and electrical engineer.
• Alfred Noble was born in Sweden and discovered dynamite. He had over 300 different patents. Dynamite was his most famous discovery. With his fame and fortune, he later went on to establish the "Nobel Prizes" in 1895, with the first being awarded in 1901.

Here are a few websites giving plenty more that will help you further:


You will also find plenty of images on Google images.
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