What Is The National Emblem Of Singapore?


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Singapore's emblem came in existence on 3rd December, 1959 and with that was introduced the national flag of the country and its national anthem. It basically consists of shield with a white crescent moon and five stars on a red background. Since red is the symbol of universal brotherhood and equality to all humans, while the white part shows prevailing purity.

The moon shows the emerging of a new nation, and the five stars shows the five ideals of democracy, peace, progress,justice and equality. And on the left and right are lions, supporting the shield. If you notice there is a bar underneath it which shows the Republic's motto Majulah Singapura.
There are some laws given by the state which are as under:
1. It contains a shield with two lions on each side, a white crescent moon and five stars on a red back ground. There is a banner underneath the shield, which says the words Majulah Singapura.
2. The use of this is actually not allowed by the government. Only the government bodies can display this within their premises.
3. It should be given respect and should be displayed in a good manner.
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Lion Symbol (July 1999)

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