Where Is Singapore?


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Singapore is situated in the Asia mainly southeast Asia......the country is just a small part of a country in southeast Asia so called Malaysia...Singapore is a fast growing country..for how many years,the country continues to shine and progressive is now considered as one of the major finance ,fashion,media centre in the world,after U.S.A AND GERMANY....Singapore is a highly-industrialized and modernized country where you can experience the luxurious and amazing facade of giant buildings lining up in a small street.it is where you can never saw a place in a city with no light..it seems to reach the las Vegas in America but you are wrong....
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Singapore is located at the South East Asia near Japan and Korea.. ^^
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Singapore is a country in Southeast Asia located in close proximity with Malaysia. She is an independent nation also know as the Republic of Singapore. She is the smallest country in Southeast Asia with a population of approximately 4 million people.Singapore is situation at a very strategic convergent point between the India Ocean and the South China Sea. And she is a sunny tropical country just about 200km north of the equator.Source: Travel Singapore
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Singapore is located in Southeastern Asia, islands between Malaysia and Indonesia . Singapore is a great place. We have learned it in My class.
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Singapore is both the capital city and country name of a republic country south of Malaysia in the Far East. Singapore was originally part of Malaysia until 1965 when it became a seperate nation.

Singapore is now connected to Malaysia by a bridge and causeway, over the Strait of Jahar. Indonesia lies south of Singapore over the Strait of Singapore. There are around 4 million inhabitants in the Republic of Singapore.

Singapore is a great place to visit, with a stylish adn cosmopolitan capital which is one of the most prestige holiday destinations on earth. Singapore is a modern, exciting city that appeals to everyone with interesting culture and beautiful architecture.

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