What Is The Life Cycle Of Flowering Plants?


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The flowering plant shows two generations; the sporophytic and the gametophyte, which are alternate with one another, during life cycle. A sporophyte is a dominant multicellular, diploid generation which is formed from zygote or fertilized egg. This plant produces spores (microspores and megaspores) by meiosis. The gametophyte is a small multicellular, haploid generation, which is formed from spores. The male gametophyte develops from microspore or pollen grain; and the female gametophyte develops from megaspore. The male gametophyte produces male gametes and the female gametophyte produces egg by mitosis. The gametophytes are short lived, much reduced and dependent for protection on sporophyte.

The pollen tube grows via style through micropyle into the ovule. The tube nucleus facilitates the entry of the two sperm nuclei into the ovule. One of the sperm fuses with the egg to form diploid zygote, and the other sperm nucleus fuses with the two polar nuclei and forms triploid endosperm cell. This is called double fertilization, because two male gametes at a time fuse with two female cells. This process of double fertilization takes place only in flowering plants.

Zygote develops into embryo and endosperm cell develop into food storing tissue. This is an important characteristic of flowering plants because food storing tissue is formed only after the zygote is formed.
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Germination (grows roots and shoots), growth (grows stem,leaves and longer roots), flower production (grows a flower), pollination (bees come to flower and collect pollen to spread to different plants), fertilisation (when the the male and female part of the plant come together and produce and egg/seed) and seed dispersal (where the flower dies and the seed is popped out to grow again).
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