What Is The Role Of Insects In Pollination Of Flowers?


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The greatest service rendered to mankind by his friend is the pollination of flowers which otherwise will not set fruits or seeds. Among the outstanding pollinators are the bees, wasps, ants, beetles, moths, butterflies and flies. Hives of bees are placed in orchards or fields to ensure such fertilization. Cross-fertilization or cross-pollination is very necessary for the fertility and the vigour of plants, which depend upon certain insects for this purpose. In some cases, special flower developments favour insects' visitation. Many insects and flowers are mutually dependent since many insects feed upon the nectar and pollen grains of the flowers.
The minute wasp Blastophaga is very essential for the growth of Smyrna fig of califrnia the yucca plant has become entirely dependent upon a small moth for pollination, and the moth has become entirely dependent on the yucca plant to complete its life cycle. Neither species would survive without the other, thus furnishing an example of animal plant relationship, called symbiosis. This means that many of our important food –plants could not exist without insects, which are of inestimable value of relation to pollination of plants.
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Well I think that the role of insects is that it helps make life and the world a better place, mostly on for the food cycle.

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