Can You Describe The Life Cycle Of Mosses?


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Most mosses inhabit damp places.  Life Cycle  Gametophyte: Each adult moss plant, a gametophyte is always differentiated into structures which resemble stem and leaves. Multicellular rhizoids are also present. Examples of mosses are Funaria and Polytrichum.  Reproductive organ: Sex organ i.e., archegonia and antheridia, develop at the tips of different branches on the same plant e.g., Funaria, or on different plants as in polytrichum.The archegonia and antheridia from clusters and are mixed with sterile hairs, the paraphyses.  Oospore: The male and female gametes of a moss after fertilization from diploid oospore.  Sporophyte: The oospore develops into a sporophyte attached by its foot to the tip of the gametophytic branch e.g., Funaria.The sporogomium at an early stage of development stays in the remains of Venter. When seta elongates the calyptra is carried up and covers the top of the capsule.  Spores: Diploid spore mother cells produce haploid spores in the capsule by meiosis. The spore of a moss, unlike that of liverworts, develops into an alga like structure, the protonema.Haploid moss plants (gametophyte) develop from buds on the protonema and the life cycle is completed.

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