Explain The Construction And Working Of Fiber Optics?


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A fiber optics is hair like flexible medium through which ray of light can pass. It is used for data transmission in several kilometers. The data is transmitted through fiber optics at very high rate. Fiber optics does not suffer from external interference from electromagnetic waves. These are also safest medium for data transmission and provide high level of the network security.

The data transmission through fiber optics takes places as ray of light. The rays of light pass through optic fibers due to the principle of total internal reflection. The plastic and glass material is used to make hair like fibers. The fibers of ultra pure fused silica make excellent optic fibers but they are difficult to make and are costly. Plastic fibers are less costly. It is surrounded by the layer of glass with a reflective index with lower than that of the fibers. This layer is called cladding.

A number of fibers are tied together in a layer of plastic called jacket. The jacket protects the fiber against moisture and crushing.A laser or a light emitting diodes is used to send a signal through fiber. Optical repeaters are used at regular interval to amplify the signals.
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Describe the working principle abd application of fiber optics

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