Where Are Fibre Optics Used?


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Fibre optics, which now is very much part of the world we inhabit, is present in medicine, in the form of tiny cameras used in surgery,and in communications for high speed data transmission. On which the internet relies.
The physics behind it are, the cable is made from fine strands of glass covered in plastic and then wrapped in an outer cover of more durable plastic.
The function of Fibre optic cable is to transmit information, at high speed, by means of a beam of light, from one end of the cable to the other, maintaining the highest quality possible.
This is achieved by way of refraction and critical angles.
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Fiber optics involves the use of plastic or glass fibers to transfer light through internal reflection through its entire length. Fiber optics is used in sensors, transferring data at high speeds and various other applications. Perhaps the single most important use of fiber optics is in communications. This allows the transfer of data at extremely high speeds and in bigger quantity. Because of these advantages of speed and efficiency optical fibers have more or less replaced the use of copper wires and have revolutionized the telecommunication sector.
In the sphere of telecommunications fiber optics are used by companies to provide telephone connectivity, internet transmission and cable TV. The cost and technology of installing fiber optics exceeds that of traditional copper based technologies and hence are used in areas of long distance application more than domestically.
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Fiber optic broadband technology can be generally called FTTX, depending where the fiber terminates at, which can be:

  • FTTC – Fiber-to-the Curb
  • FTTP – Fiber-to-the-Premises
  • FTTB – Fiber-to-the-Building
  • FTTH – Fiber-to-the-Home

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Fibre optics is a technology used to transmit information via light.The main advantage of doing so is the Bandwidth that we can achieve and the SPEED. Today most of the broad band internet connections are given through fibre optic cable.
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Fibre optics have been used in the medical industry for years. The physical characteristics of fibre make it a natural choice for many different applications. Commonly used for illumination, flexible image bundles, light conductors, flexible light guides, laser delivery systems, and equipment interconnects, fibre optics provide a very compact, flexible conduit for light or data delivery in equipment, surgical, and instrumentation applications.

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