What Are Applications Of Fiber Optic Communication?


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The small size and large information-carrying capacity of optic fibres is much high as compared to copper twisted-pair cables in telephone systems.
2) Continuous passive links more than 100 km long have been produced. With repeaters, messages over thousands of kilometers of fibre can be sent. Because of low losses, separation between repeaters in a fibre system is greater than in a coaxial link.
3) Because repeaters can be spaced very far apart in fibre systems, underwater fibre links have been designed to span the oceans. The low weight of fibre cables as compared to coaxial lines gives them distinct advantages of submerged cable applications because of the relative ease of transporting ad laying fibres.

4) Optic fibre communications are compatible with electrified railways because they are not effected by EMI. Similarly fibres can be placed near high-voltage power lines without adverse effects whereas wire systems would be noisy. Optic cables can be suspended directly from power line towers or poles if clearance space permits and if the load can be tolerated. Alternatively, the fibre can be embedded in a wire cable.
5) Military applications of fibre optics include communications, command and control links on ships and aircrafts, data links for satellite earth stations and transmissions lines for tactical command post communication.
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optic communication is a way transmitting data from one place to another by
sending pluses of light through an optical fiber.

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It is used in communication

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