How Can The Hypothesis Testing Be Done With Qualitative Research?


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Hypothesis can also be tested with qualitative data. For example let us say that a researcher has developed the theoretical framework after extensive interviews, that unethical practices by employees are function of their inability to discriminate between right and wrong or due to a dire need for more money. The organization's indifference to such practices to test the hypothesis that these three factors are the primary ones that influence unethical practices, the researcher would look for data that would refute the hypothesis. When even a single case does not support the hypothesis the theory would be revised.

Let us say that the researcher finds one case where an individual is deliberately engaged in the unethical practice of accepting kickbacks despite the fact that he was knowledgeable enough to discriminate right from wring, was not in need of money and know that the organization would not be indifferent to his behaviour simple because he wanted to get back at the system, which would not listen to his advice. This new discovery through disconfirmation of the original hypothesis known as the negative case method enables the researcher to revise the theory and the hypothesis until such time as the theory becomes robust.

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