What Are The Importance Of Tourism?


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Tourism is important for the following reasons:
  • Helps a country develop
  • Tourism impacts the economy
  • Increases the export industry
  • Foreign exchange of cultures, goods, and learning
  • Increases economic growth rate
  • Establishes income and stimulates the economy

The six bullet points above outline some of the important elements of tourism. Most of the points made are related to the economy and how it is important to tourism. To really bring home the importance of tourism all one has to do is look at an example.

The Olympic Games in China makes the best example. Consider the amount of money China had to spend for the Olympic Games. This money spent stimulated the economy by offering a great deal of jobs. The games also provided an increase in jobs since the tourists needed to be taken care of at hotels, airports, car rentals and at the gaming venues. It also helped stimulate restaurants since people had to eat.

When you have a tourist economy those who come to visit will spend money in your city, town, state, and country. This money goes into the economy to pay employees and to purchase new inventory; thus it will stimulate income and the economy on the whole.

When you look at the foreign exchange of culture, goods and learning it also means that a country that is visited is able to show the world what they are about culturally; which helps promote the country even further. With more help from outside sources a struggling or developing country is able to develop that little bit more.

The export industry can also increase from tourism as individuals back home unable to travel will see the goodies brought back and either visit or try to find the same goods via the internet. Tourism above all else is a stimulator for any economy.
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Economic Development

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Here are some reasons why tourism is important:

1.  Creation of jobs

Infrastructure is improved

It can help preserve cultural traditions

More money enters the country

In my opinion, the tourism sector is very beneficial for
developed as well as developing economies. However, there are also some

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