Can Anyone Explain The Importance Of Industrialization For A Developing Country?


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Historical and economic factors have motivated the developing countries to launch a program of industrial development. Agriculture cannot employ the entire labor force. Industrialization is more essential to provide more employment to the labor force. There is a pressure of population in developing countries. Imported goods are expensive. To supply a variety of goods to the consumers, the local production is the best policy of the government.

Reliance on agriculture or no any other traditional sector is not desirable. The development of industrial sector is must for the stability of the economy. Active defence forces need weapons to check the aggression of the enemy. Dependence on imported weapons is very risky. For local production the heavy industrial should be set up on priority. Industrialization can ensure higher per capital income of the people and better living standard. The industrial development in the present leading countries has brought a radical change in economic life of people. Developing countries have also launched a program for development of industrial sector.

To increase the volume of agriculture products, various inputs and machinery is required. Industrial units can be applying fertilizers, pesticides and machines for agriculture sector development.

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