Can Anyone Explain The Causes Of Industrial Backwardness Of Pakistan?


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A large number of industrial units have been set up in Pakistan during the past four decades. These units are producing consumer goods. Pakistan has not attained any position in industrial countries of the world. There are different causes of backwardness. Some of them are poor inheritage of industrial units, lack of basic minerals, low level of technical knowledge, a policy matter of British ruler, shortage of foreign exchange, a limited class of organizers, no consistent industrial policy, political instability in the country, smuggling of goods, government of landlords etc.

At the time of partition of the subcontinent Pakistan got only 34 units out of 928 registered units. These units were of small size and all were not in operation. Pakistan started from scratch. Iron, coal and copper are basic minerals for industrial development. These minerals are not available in Pakistan. Imported machinery and pi iron is very expensive.

The level of technical knowledge is very low. Research centers are almost non existing. There is no encouragement for any invention. We depend upon imported technology. The British rulers developed the eastern region of India. The western region was for the production of raw material and food. The region also served as nursery for the armed forces, during the past years the landlords class mostly ruled over country.
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The main causes these days can be Political unrest, Unsatisfied peace conditions especially too much suicide bombings showing terrorists' networks gaining strength and Unfriendly Government policies especially in form of taxes.
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The "industrial backwardness of Pakistan" could only be said so by a ""forward progressive, greedy capitalist" of the degenerated States.

Keep capitalism away and never let a monopoly be.
Hold the corporations down.
Strangle them before they strangle you.
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Please first take into consideration that a open business economy is not present, The formal army has owned and operated a number of commercial enterprises for decades. This unusual sector of the businesses in the country present many questions about how much influence is felt by the army officers being in control.

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