Can Anyone Explain The Problems In The Industrial Development Of Pakistan?


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The industrialization countries of world are showing their supremacy in international trade and politics. The developing countries have also launched a program for the development of industrial sector. There are different problems in industrial development of Pakistan. Some of them are lack of basic economic facilities, basic minerals not available, higher growth rate of population, limited market for industrial products, non consistency in industrial policy, imported technology, political instability, corrupt administration, law and order situation, conservative values etc.

People do not like to change their traditional values and social set up of the family. The law and order situation is not favorable for foreign investment in country. Administrations misuse the allocated resources for development project. Pakistan depends upon foreign technology. There is no incentive for innovations and inventions. Local technology has not been developed. Imported technology is very expensive for our country. The industrial policy is not based realistic planning. The change in government also results in a change in industrial policy of government.

The extent of Market for products depends upon the purchases power of people. The per capita Income is low. Limited market has no attraction for the foreign investors to set up heavy units in Pakistan. The process of economic development is badly affected by higher growth rate of population.

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