Give Me An Air Pollution Sample Questionnaire.


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Air pollution is all about the exceed of any thing in the air from its limited limit. All of the things must be in fixed and ordered limits so there will be no air pollution at all.

A sample questionnaire is as under:

(1) Do you have idea of air pollution?
1. Yes
2. No

(2) What is condition of air in UOP?
1. Satisfactory
2. Non-satisfactory

(3) If non-satisfactory, then what type of diseases you have due to bad quality of air in UOP?
1. Respiratory diseases
2. Skin diseases
3. Other diseases

(4) What are the major causes of air pollution in UOP?
1. Automobiles
2. Waste burning
3. Dust

(5) Can you breathe easily in rushing chowks of UOP in working hours of UOP?
1. Yes
2. No

(6) How can we control the air pollution in UOP?
1. Controlling vehicles entry
2. Entry of tuned vehicles only
3. Increasing the number of plants
4. Charging the pollution spreading vehicles

Samples: Students, Teachers, Hostilities and Residents of UOP.

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