What Is Luxembourg Famous For?


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Luxembourg is very famous for its wealths. Did you know that Luxembourg is the in the guinness world of records because it is the richest country in the world???
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Luxemburgers are the best languages-speakers in the world, with above 90% of the population speaking at least three languages (generally French, German and Luxemburgese or Portuguese) and more than 80%speaking 4 (add English).

Luxembourg, despite its minute size (less than a 100 000 inhabitants in the capital, Luxembourg-City) is the world's second financial place, after London and before Wall Street!

The most famous Luxemburger is Godefroid de Bouillon, who was appointed to rule Jerusalem after the first (and only successful) crusade. However, Godefroid was from the western part of Luxembourg, which was separated from the eastern part in 1839 and is now the Belgian province also called Luxembourg.

Two major politicians on the European scene were from Luxembourg: Jacques Santer, president of the commission from 1995 and 1999, and Robert Schuman, one of the
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This country is famous for its cheese. The cheese is well known for its pungent smell.
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Hey I am from Luxemburg and I just want to say to cspook7 that we just make one kind of cheese called "Kachkeis" you make the mistake with our neighborhoods the Belgians they make very stinky cheese!! And a little information for Blurto our language is Luxemburgish and not French. We learn it in neighborhoods because we have to not because we want to!!!  Luxemburgish is an official language since 10 years and not a dialect anymore. And to allways16 I want to say that we have to win a lot of money because living in Luxemburg is very expensive. Just to give an example: Houses and apartment are triple of prices than in Germany or France. So earning a lot of money means not that we are rich, don't believe it. In these times the population is about 490.000 people and about 25000 of them have no job, because all the jobs are taken by french people crossing all day the border! The problem is that we speak 4-5 languages and french people just one or maximum 2! Naturally its much more cheaper to engage an "français".  Not everything what's blinking is gold!
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Luxembourg is a tiny country, the sixth smallest in the World it is about 80 km from top to bottom and is 50 km at its widest. Luxembourg is situated in Northern Europe at a point where the borders of France, Belgium and Germany confluence.

It is a popular tourist spot with attractions like the famous wine region, various towns exuding a medieval air and historic sites like Vianden Castle, the American Military Cemetery, Military Museum, and numerous picturesque spots it is also famous for the large number of banks it houses.

Luxembourg is a Grand Duchy the only one in the World and has a constitutional monarchy system of government the present head of state is Grand Duke Henry. French is the official language of Luxembourg though a dialect peculiar to the region, known as letzebourgish a mixture of German and French is widely spoken. Iron ore is found abundantly in the region and Luxembourg is a leading producer of steel in the World.
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I love Luxembourg this website has helped me with my Francais project!!!!! I love you LUXEMBOURG!!!! If any guys are out there in Luxembourg who are the age of !2-14 talk to me!!!
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Its a tax haven for the companies...
And this explains the huge investment (not in terms of infrastructure, but dead money in bank).

Yes, the per capita income claim is a bit skewed due to the above mentioned fact that the country has the money, but it doesnt necessarily belong to its citizens.

It is also famous for the banks (for obvious reasons) and is considered on par with swiss and other island tax havens.
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It is famous because the people of this country have the highest PCI(per capita income) in the world. It is nearly $60,000.
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Take note that this is from WIKI:

"The economy of Luxembourg is largely dependent on the banking, steel, and industrial sectors. Luxembourgers enjoy the second highest per capita gross domestic product in the world (CIA 2007 est.), behind Qatar. Luxembourg is seen as a diversified industrialized nation, contrasting the oil boom in Qatar, the major monetary source of that nation.
Although Luxembourg in tourist literature is aptly called the "Green Heart of Europe", its pastoral land coexists with a highly industrialized and export-intensive economy. Luxembourg enjoys a degree of economic prosperity almost unique among industrialized democracies."
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