Where Is Luxembourg?


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Luxembourg is both a country and a city in Europe. The country is a tiny state bounded on the north and west by Belgium and on the east by Germany and on the south by France. The city of the same name is the capital of the country and is situated on the Alzette and Pertrusse rivers.

The city of Luxembourg has a population of under 100 000 people. It is the home of the European Court of Justice and the European Parliament secretariat and it also has the 16th century Grand Ducal Palace, which is a popular tourist attraction.

The city was founded originally as a Roman fortress built on the rocky plateau to control movement between France and Germany. The old town, which includes the 17th century cathedral and the town hall, built in the 1830s, still stand on the plateau but more recent city development extends across lower lands and regions of the city are linked by bridges.

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Luxembourg is situated in Northern Europe at a point where the borders of France, Belgium and Germany confluence
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Wow! Under 100,000 people? If thats the case, there wouldn't much crime there would there? And it would be a lot safer than australia here cause as a whole it has a few million. Maybe I should check out luxembourg when I go overseas on my holiday next year to europe and the UK. I was planning to check out places anyway(since I'm looking at moving from here). Apparently luxembourg is on a list- I read its considered one of the most 'livable' places to live. Is it?

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