What Is Sialkot? Where Is It? Why It Is Famous For?


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Well, Sialkot is the name of the city Pakistan that is situated approximately 126 kilometers far away from the provincial capital and famous historical city Lahore. It is basically and trade and processing center. It is one of the most populated cities of Pakistan. It has many reason of its fame.

It is famous for the production of quality sports goods. It also produces quality leather products which are exported all over the world. Its geographical location is also important because it has the shortest path to the Kashmir region. And it also has border with India.
There are some other reasons for the importance of this city that it has produces many good poets. Some of the great poets of Urdu were born in Sialkot. Pakisani National poet named Allama Iqbal was also born in Sialkot and got his early education from there.

Moreover another famous Pakistani poet named Faiz Ahmad Faiz was also born in Sialkot.
Sialkot is also famous for the surgical instruments it produces which are exported to all over the world. According to a rough estimate it has the population of 15 millions right now. Many political figures also belong to Sialkot. Pakistan's current speaker of national assembly also belongs to Sialkot
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It is a great city, it is in punjab,pakistan. It is famous for making excellent sports good.
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Sialkot is the city of Pakistan.It is in pakistan's province Punjab.And it is famouse for its sports making things.
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Famous for curry

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