What Are The Small Scale Industries In Pakistan And Why Are These Important For The Pakistan's Economy?


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In the small scale industries, the most important are the carpet weaving, sports goods and surgical instruments industries. The carpet weaving centers are located all over the country. They employ women and children for the production of fine, hand woven carpets which bring in a lot of foreign exchange. There is much exploitation of labor in the carpet industry, and recently, Pakistan has had to face objections from western countries about its dependence on child labor to manufacture carpets and rugs. The sports goods industry is located in Sialkot. The sports goods industry is located in Sialkot which manufactures goods worth Rs. 12 billion per year. The items produced include cricket bats and allied equipment, hockey sticks, racquets of various types and different types of balls. The basic raw materials required are leather, wood, glue, nylon guts, rubber and chemicals. Wood of various kinds and leather is easily available in Pakistan.

The export of sports goods has increased from $ 141M in 1991-92 to $ 352M in 1997-98, (average 21% per annum increase) and increasing gradually. At present, over a thousand units are manufacturing sports goods, most of them classified as small scale operation on single shift basis. It is estimated that more than 75% of total production is exported every year. The export has actually acted as an incentive for the growth of the industry. In 1996-97, 65 countries bought sports goods from Pakistan. The principal importing countries are USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and Belgium. In the international market, sports goods are supplied by Japan, Taiwan, India, South Korea and Pakistan.

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