Explain The Importance Of Agriculture For Economy Of Pakistan.


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Pakistan is an agricultural country. A variety of crops is cultivated here. The major crops are wheat, rice, cotton and sugar cane. The yield of these crops is comparatively low.

Agriculture contributes 24% to our gross Domestic Production. About 70% of the population is engaged in agriculture directly and indirectly. Agriculture employs a major portion of labour force. About 48% of the labour force is engaged in agriculture and only 12% in the manufacturing sector of the economy.

Agriculture is the major source of foreign exchange earnings. About 64% of exports are based on agriculture raw material. Agriculture is a source of food for the increasing population of our country. About 16 million tons wheat, 4 million tons rice is produced in country. Agriculture is a source of revenues for the federal and provincial government. Local bodies also get revenue from the agriculture sector.

Agriculture provides raw material for a number of industrial units. These units employ thousands of workers. Local supply of raw material keeps these units in operation. Imported raw material is very expensive. Agriculture development has resulted in more output and higher income for progressive farmers. The increased is a source of finance for industrial sector, as the same income is invested sector.
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Agriculture plays a very important role in the agriculture of Pakistan. By exporting our cash crops like wheat and cotton we can earn foreign exchange. There are many agro based industries whose raw materials come from these crops hence crate employment and further manufacture the raw materials to make value added goods which have more value. Illiterate population could also be employed in this sector and we don't need labor from other countries at high salaries
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For agricultural development natural resources have great importance. Without air water and sunlight cultivation of crops cannot give better results it also depends on financial resources and skilled labor.To increase in agriculture-production if we use new technology according to modern age we can improve or develop agriculture sector.

Therefore, the meaning of agriculture-development is a condition or situation where all factors of production are working with efficient combination, modern technology is being used for increasing per-hector production and land produce high level of production, where people get employment, and can get an important position in industrial sector and international level.

This situation is called agricultural development In Pakistan agricultural sector contribute in G.N.P. about 23.3% and it also provides 42.1% employment.In any country agriculture plays a vital role in economic development. If the production is slow than economy faces many deficiencies in economic development. it helps in the following ways:

1 provides foundation for economic development
2 it is the biggest source of employment in Pakistan
3 important source of providing necessities of life
4 it is a main source of national income
5 it is the foundation of international trade
6 it is a source of raw material for industries
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I've never been there, but I feel that goats should be perfect to the terrain!

There is a fairly new grass it is called "African Star Grass" and I believe it might grow there! You'll have to try!

If it will you can hay it 3 or 4 times a year and it will open the door to other animals too beef and dairy.

And once it has took hold, you can get by with a lot less acres for it is the fastest growing grass around!

There are a few different hybrids for different climates.

I would look into it if it works you'll make lots of money!

Think 3 to 4 times as many animals, plus hay for sell in the bad winters you guys have!

"Old Time Cowboy" logic101

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