Explain The Dangers Of Electricity Due To Damp Conditions.


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Many electrical accidents occur in damp conditions such as those in a wet bathroom. For example, it is very dangerous to plug a radio to the main of 240V and leave it on the floor of tour bathroom. In the event of damaged insulation or for any reason that the live wire should be exposed, the person taking his bath is exposed to the danger of electrocution.
If water from the wet floor touches the live wire, it provides a conducting path for a large amount of current to flow through it and through the body of the person in the bath tub.
The human body has a tendency to withstand only about 50mA of current; in this case it is very much higher due the sharp decrease in the resistance of the body.

As a precaution a battery operated radio with a much lower voltage of a few volts should be used instead. Other possible hazards include using hair dyers, electric irons or changing a light bulb with wet hands.

The electrical resistance of the human body comprises of two parts; contact resistant of the dry skin and the body resistance itself. Dry skin acts as an insulating layer by offering high resistance.

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