What Happens To A Wire When Passed Through A Magnetic Field?


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When a wire is passed through a magnetic field, electricity will be produced. You have to understand the chemistry of electrons and protons in an atom to understand why electricity is produced when a wire is passed through a magnetic field. Both electrons and protons have electric charge and when a force is applied on the electrons, they move to another atom. These moving electrons form electricity.

In an electric power plant, in order to produce electricity, a big magnet is rotated round and round inside a coil of wire. Wire is a conductor, thus when the moving magnet generates electricity, wire carries the electricity and distributes it so that the other parts can receive electricity. The electricity from the wires is transferred to the transformer from were it is transmitted.
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For anything non trivial to happen the the magnetic field needs to be changing in time to induce and electromotive force or a voltage drop (assuming is in a loop and the field penetrates the loop). There could also be a force on the wire in there's a current flowing through it.

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