What Are The Uses Of Conductors - Both Good And Bad?


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Uses of good conductors of heat are as follows:
-Cooking utensils, kettles, saucepans and boilers are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel where direct heating is involved.
-Soldering iron rods are made of iron with the tip made of copper because copper is a much better conductor of heat than iron.
-Heat exchangers such as those used in a laundry enable precious fuel to be saved

Uses of bad conductors of heat (insulators)
Insulators are very useful if we want to minimize heat flow or heat loss. Some applications of insulators are:
-Handles of saucepans, kettles, teapots, irons and soldering iron rods are made of wood or plastics which are very poor conductors of heat. In this way, the hot utensil or iron can picked up without scalding our hand.
-Table mats are usually made of cork so that hot kitchenware can be placed on them without damaging the table-top.
-Sawdust is used to cover ice blocks because of its good insulating property.
-Wooden ladles are very useful for stirring or scooping hot soup and also for scooping rice that has just been cooked.
-Wooden blankets or clothes are used to keep people warm on cold and chilly days
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I can tell on only the uses of insulator of heat

Oven gloves- The material used to make the gloves contains trapped air. Our hands do not get hot because heat is not conducted easily through the trapped air.

Blankets- Wool blankets trap air. As air is an insulator, it does not conduct heat away from the body. Thus, the person can keep warm.
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Good conductors make some great music, operate trains, lead a choir, make an electrical connection, etc.. Bad can mess it all up!!!

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