What Are Some Uses Of Cobalt?


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From a historical standpoint as well as from a contemporary dimension, the importance and utility of cobalt has never faded once, providing the world with its manifold benefits. Besides being an essential ingredient for a balanced human diet, cobalt is one metal, which has an immensely strong magnetic quality. The food sources which contain high cobalt content within themselves include spinach, lettuce, cabbage and watercress. Even for cattle and sheep, the intake of cobalt is very important for their owners to raise a healthy herd. If not in the pasture, then the cobalt contents are added to the water that the cattle drink. Otherwise it is entrenched in the pasture with the help of fertilizers.

As for the ancient times, the blue pigment that cobalt contains was used to adorn Chinese porcelain. From the nuclear perspective, cobalt is full of utility. A cobalt bomb can be a perilous weapon capable of destroying lethal radioactive cobalt-60 through a nuclear explosion.
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Cobalt  isa a metal and solid ,as any other user  thats all I known about  cobalt

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