Where Could Pakistan Be Located On The World Map In The Context Of Latitudes And Longitudes?


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From the world map dimension, Pakistan is located between latitudes 23.35 degree north to 37.05 degree north while the longitudinal location stretches from 61 degree east to 76 degrees east. On the north-eastern side, Pakistan shares a boundary with China, which measures about 585 kilometers in length.

The western border of Pakistan is joined with Afghanistan, which is 2252 kilometers long in length and is known as the Durand Line. The narrow strip of the Afghan territory Wakhan surrounds the north-western side of Pakistan while the north-eastern spot of Pakistan is preoccupied by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The south of Pakistan is captured by the Arabian sea while to the east of the country lies India. The pictorial representation of the map of Pakistan on the world map illustrates that Pakistan shares a much longer border with Afghanistan and India in comparison to the borders it shares with China and Iran.

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