What Is The Geographical Location Of Pakistan?


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Pakistan is situated in the north west of south Asia. On the globe it is located between the latitudes 23.45-degree and 36.75-degree north and between longitudes 61 degree and 75.5 degree east. In the north- west lies Afghanistan.

The common international border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is called the "Durand Line." This line was established in 1893 and it is about 2240 kilometers. in the west of Balochistan province, Iran is situated. In the east of Pakistan lies India and in the south lies the Arabian Sea.

The capitals of four provinces of Pakistan are Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Quetta. The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad, which is federal area. There, is a federally administered Tribal Area (FATA). Punjab is the biggest province according to population and Balochistan is the largest province asss far as area is concerned.

The shape of Pakistan is evident from its physical map in the north and the west lies range of high mountains and plateaus that occupy half of the area while rest of the country is plain
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Pakistan is a cross road for all Asisian countries. Almost every Asian country is bounded to pakistan to trade.Instead of terrorist attacks in it,it maintains it importance in the can imagine that USA is comming to get help from pakistan in regard to any asian matter..Moreover,the enemies of pakistan have been planning to end it but it is still progressing and will be progressing .soon it will be the sole power here.
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Pakistan is located between latitudes 24 to 37 degree north and extends from longitude 61 degree east to 78 degree east.the total area of pakistan is 796,096 sq km.stretching over 1600 km from north to south and about 885 km from east to west.
In the north pakistan has an border with china and is about 585 km long.In east pakistan has an border with india and is 1610 km long.In the west pakistan has an border with afghanistan which is 2252km long.In the south-west pakistan has an common border with iran and is 800km long.In the south their lies the arabian sea which connects pakistan with gulf states.The jinnah terminal connects pakistan to the other countries in the world.Their are many mountain ranges
in pakistan for example Himalayas,hindu kush and waziristan hills etc.
The capitals of pakistan provinces are peshawar,Lahore,Quetta and karachi.the capital of pakistan is islamabad.
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Latitude means
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Pakistan is located in the hub of asia and has very important countries all around its location. It has its border with India, China, Russia, Afghanistan, Iran and Arabean sea which increases the strategic and geographical location of Pakistan. International community is focused on every political change in Pakistan because of Pakistan's involvement in fighting the war against terrorism. Pakistan is a great muslim country with rich culture but has been suffering a lot because of terrorism which is coming from Afghanistan and other countries. Pakistan is fighting bravely against the terrorism therefore any change in Pakistan's political system does become the center of attention of the whole international community. Pakistan has been considered as N-11 countries which are expected to be powerful in the coming century. We hope that Pakistan gets rid of the terrorism issues and again proposer.
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Pakistan has a very good geographical location it has a border with two countries which can be the super power of the world in future india and china it also has a border with terrorist country afghanistan and with iran which is also a developing country and coz of the terrorists attack in pak DC r scared if terrorists get the nuclear bomb...

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