Why Establishing Research Objectives Are Important Before Starting Any Research Work? What Should I Write In My Examination Papers On This?


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You may describe the whole question in this way:
Objective of research is as important as research itself is. Without a focused objective, no good findings can be expected from any type of research. Research objective is to have maximum feedback form selective and targeted customer groups so that enough information which may be needed for any modification would be available to us. Though product has gone through various in house and laboratory tests, but unless we have a solid view about consumers' perception about we cannot proceed further. This research enabled us to improve the product before its test marketing.

Our research includes following questions and we vigilantly tried to find out the answers of these questions by applying Primary Research and conducting Focus Group Discussions: Further points include collection of information about various issues:
• Should we offer Product as such or some changes are required?
• If no changes needed, which market is most likely the best appropriate market to target in the beginning?
• Should we offer Product to all mobile users or only to the business
users in the beginning?
• What price should be charged for this high end innovation?
• In which demographic markets we should focus in the beginning?
Research Objective are an architectural frame work that enable you to come op with a worthty researchable project. Objectives on the other hand are goals which you wan't to achieve after a certain space of time , further more they give you guide line on what to look at and what not to consider in your study.. Through the characteristics of objective, the researcher is well aware of what, where, when and how to conduct the study. Their attributes which include: Being (SMART) SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC and TIME BOUND will help you understand the reason and the importance of Objectives in a Research.

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