What Are The Characteristics Of Research Paper?


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A scientific research paper will contain several sections. There will be an introduction to explain what the researcher hopes to find, a hypothesis and a null hypothesis. There may some scientific explanation given for the particular theory. There will be a section explaining the general procedure, but just an outline, not a step by step method as is done in school projects.  There will be short section explaining what the results show, where the results will have been statistically tested, however you will only be told which tests were used and then given relevant numbers. Not every piece of data is put in, and neither is a table of results.
There will then be sections explaining further scientific reasoning for the outcome. There will be a section for the limitations of the experiment, and anything else that needs to be investigated.
The final section will be a bibliography to reference any sources used in the text.
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Research paper writing is one of the difficult tasks in a student’s life. Be it finance, marketing, history or any other research document, all require a great amount of literature review or background research data.  There are certain characteristics that make a research paper well accepted; some of it is listed below,

  1. Specific not generalized
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable
  4. Realistic
  5. Formatting

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Hello. I agree with previous answer. There are several main characteristics and other will depend on topic of your work. There can be different variants. For example I can share great tips for computer science research writing, recently this article helped a lot!

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