What Are The Properties Of Radioactive Rays?


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There are three types of radioactive rays. Their properties are listed below.
1 the mass of each alpha particle is nearly four times the mass of hydrogen nucleus.
2 the charge on each alpha particle is positive.
3 there ionization capability is very large
4-penetration power of these rays is very small
5 alpha particles produce fluorescence in certain substances.
6 when these rays are allowed to pass through thin metal oil some of the rays are scattered through large angles.
7 they can induce artificial radio activity in certain nuclei.
8 these rays produce burn and sores on human body.
9 they get absorbed after passing through a small distance in air.
Beta rays:
1 the kinetic energy of beta rays is less than alpha rays.
2 these rays effect the photographic plate.
3 These rays produce fluorescence easily
4 the ionization power of these rays are very small.

Gamma rays:
1 they eject electrons when incident on metals.
2 the speed of these rays is equal to the speed of light.
3 they get absorbed in various materials.
4 their penetrating power is very large.
5 they produce feeble fluorescence when incident on screen coated with barium platinocyanide.

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